Dear fellow CEO,

There are currently around 3.3 million businesses in Australia.

99.55% of them will fail before they reach $10M in revenue.

Even fewer will reach $25M – just the top 0.15%.

Now you may be reading this thinking $10M… $25M… those figures are like Mt. Everest for my company.

But what if you had a star leadership team to share the load?

As well as a crystal clear vision for your strategy and implementation?

Reality is, most CEOs aren’t far away from growth levers that could 10X their business inside the next 3 years.

Let me explain.

My name is Jonathan Herps and I’m the founder and CEO of Scale Up Growth Partners.

With 35+ years of my own CEO & senior leadership experience, I’m now a strategic advisor to CEOs and executive teams in Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Jump the Valleys of Death

We can show you exactly what the successful companies are doing to generate their success and how our clients are able to double revenue and 10X the value of their business, using the same strategies.

Sadly only 3% of businesses will generate >$2M in revenues. Only 0.45% will ever exceed $10M in revenues, only 0.15% will generate over $25M, and only 0.08% will generate >$50m.

The Key To Take Your Business To
The Top 1% Of Your Industry

Over my career, I worked with businesses at every stage of growth – from 10 employees to Fortune 500 companies.

Time after time, the same critical differences separated companies doing $1-20 million in revenue…

From companies who smashed through that barrier and became the big dogs at the top of the food chain.

Instead of providing vision, clarity, and driving growth for the business

Too many CEOs were caught in a never-ending cycle of hiring and firing… bogged down in meetings… while trying to do everything themselves.

Luckily, there’s a little-known key to break through this cycle… A simple yet powerful tool to finally start moving the money needle…

The Simple Tool Proven To Improve CEO
Confidence, Productivity, Revenue
Growth, And Profitability

Results from a survey by Gravitas Impact of 128 CEOs found that those who used an experienced executive coach achieved measurable, positive outcomes in 5 key areas:

  • CEO confidence
  • CEO productivity
  • Bottom-line profit growth
  • Employee engagement
  • Top-line revenue growth

Coaching more than quadrupled the number of companies with revenue in high growth mode…

And 6x the number of companies performing above benchmark in terms of profitability…

What our CEO clients are saying

Jonathan is a regular guest speaker and panel moderator at our E-Lead events, delivering powerful insights on leadership and purpose. Jonathan shares his inspirational story in highly interactive and insightful workshops where his knowledge and guidance open fresh and valuable perspectives for all participants.

As part of Scale Up Growth Partners monthly Mastermind group, I have experienced first-hand the implementation of Jonathan’s proven framework and disciplines from his years of practical expertise. He is what I would call a master in his field and would recommend Jonathan to entrepreneurial business leaders and their executive teams who want to successfully scale their business and accelerate growth.

Shahid Majeed

CEO, E-LEAD Global

I joined Jonathan’s mastermind in 2022. Jonathan is a lifelong student of entrepreneurial success, Jonathan is a master communicator and can succinctly explain the scale up concepts. I had many ‘Aha’ moments. More, as a founder and CEO I always have more questions than answers. The complexities in managing up, down, sideways, internally, externally is a constant challenge. Straight talk from Jonathan was gold when I needed someone to get me out of my own head.

Working with Jonathan means I now make better decisions which in my role is critical and my ultimate value to the business.

Jon Hui

Group CEO, Eco Easy Group

Thank you Jonathan. I’m very grateful for your contribution to me and my leadership team over the past few years. We set ourselves a goal that was based on a 3 year vivid vision that you helped me with – about 18 months ago, which set an ambitious goal around a bunch of key things in our business. I am pleased to say that becoming certified as a great place to work in all 5 countries we operate in APAC – Australia, NZ, China, HK & Singapore has been well and truly achieved as we reached that in less than half the time frame.

Mike Morgan

Senior Vice President & Managing Director APAC at Insight

Jonathan’s distinctive style of engagement has improved my thinking and spurred me on to do things so much quicker in scaling up my business. He’s easy to talk to, completely understands the challenges of business and has introduced me to a strong network of entrepreneurs in a similar position. Jonathan has a flexible and professional, yet firm approach. His frameworks, level of thinking and enormous experience is invaluable.

Nick Grande

Managing Director, Grande Drill and Blast

Jonathan is a genuine, experienced business coach that has truly transformed my business in less than a year. Every session contains little nuggets of gold that continuously inspire me to refine the way I think about my business in combination with my personal life, enabling me to level up and achieve my dream life. The tailored 1:1 experience has been further complimented by the 10x Mastermind which provides an actionable success blueprint and connections to an like-minded peer group of incredible entrepreneurs that I can rely on for robust feedback at any hour of the day or night.

Simone Ryan

Managing Director, SNH Consulting

I’ve found working with Jonathan that he is highly professional and really knows his stuff. The concepts and the way in which he delivers them are easy to implement and life changing. Jonathan’s superpower is to challenge the norm. He has a unique way of looking at business from a macro down to a micro level, quickly identifying clear, actionable and successful outcomes. He is highly personable, non-judgemental and a real pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan as a coach in tandem with his monthly mastermind group.

Christopher Murray

Director, Aurora Capital Australia

Our team has never been more aligned and focused – after just one workshop with Jonathan.

Sam Aloschi

Head of Site, Coles Retail Ready Operations Australia

Jonathan has delivered tremendous value in a short period of time to my business. He has years of practical experience in the tools and frameworks that he coaches. This combined with his enthusiasm and commitment make him a valued long-term strategic partner.

Lachy Gray

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Yarno

It has been great to be part of the Mastermind group. Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge that many business owners can benefit from. I enjoy his practical approach and support.

Oksana Koriakova

Founder & CEO, Impero Group

Jonathan and Scaling Up Advisers added real value to our company by quickly aligning our team toward a real agreed purpose and helped us to refine our long term goals. Critical for My Local Foodie he gave us the tools to uncover and focus on our imperative quarterly priorities to enable us to gain the momentum we need to grow.

Glen Harris

General Manager, My Local Foodie

The secret to success is that there really are no secrets. However, there is certainly a framework and Jonathan has spent a lifetime studying just this. Not only can Jonathan help you build the right team, but he will also keep you honest on the journey from strategy to execution – ensuring you build healthy and repeatable rhythms to profitably scale your business. Along the way, he is sure to become an insightful colleague, an experienced ear and cohort you can depend on when you most need sage counsel. I’d cheerfully recommend his team to yours.”

Andre Wyzenbeek

Managing Director, John Morris Scientific

Jonathan is forward-thinking, intrepid and has a willingness to take calculated risks. He has a bias toward thoughtful action. He is strategic yet tactical – he has a vision and is able to execute. He is decisive yet inclusive. In all situations, Jonathan has exceeded my expectations.

Hon. Michael Yabsley

Chairman, Australia Gulf Council, ex NSW Minister of State for State Development, Tourism & Corrective Services, ex Federal Treasurer of Liberal Party of Australia

We work with big and small companies across all industries

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Your Free
30-Minute “Growth Plan” Consultation…

3 Tools To Increase Staff
Engagement And Align People
With Your Goals

Unlock the tried and tested techniques to transform your team from ‘going through the motions’ to inspired superstars who hang off your every word

#1 Proven Trick To Escape The
CEO ‘Loneliness Epidemic’

Too many CEOs are stressed, overwhelmed, and have nobody to turn to – this easy tactic can give you some guidance on support at the top

Biggest Red Flags Limiting
Your Company’s Growth
Potential In 2022

Uncover the top roadblocks standing in your way and get clarity on actionable steps you can take right now to grow your company’s earnings this year

How A $1-20 Million Company
Can Break Through Revenue

Too many CEOs are stressed, overwhelmed, and have nobody to turn to – this easy tactic can give you some guidance on support at the top

A Simple Strategy Shown To
Improve Confidence For 97%

Discover why 99.85% of companies can’t cross the valuation ‘Valley of Death’ – and exactly what your company can do differently to get to the other side

The Unique Approach To Scale Your Business From Where It Is, To Where You Want It

There are many aspects of business that can prevent you from achieving your desired growth. Competitors, conflict, disengaged people, strategy and execution… you only have so many hours in the week – keeping all moving parts within your control can feel like a juggling act on a bed of quicksand.

My proven framework can help you feel more in control of where you are going. You’ll have a simple set of principles guiding you, with the utmost confidence in your decisions. Your business will gather momentum until it feels like a rocket ship on rails – explosive growth potential, channelled in the right direction.

Fast-Track Your Growth In Record Time With Guidance From One Of Australia’s Leading Business Minds

As the CEO or leader, the responsibility to hit your company’s growth targets ultimately falls on your shoulders. Quarter on quarter… year on year… the weight can wear you down and cause stress, anxiety, and crippling self-doubt.

With more than 3 decades of experience at the top level, I can provide a smart, experienced, and innovative mind in your corner. You’ll get collaboration, empathy, and guidance from someone who understands what it’s like to succeed at the top. And you’ll wake up each morning excited about trying new approaches and breaking through roadblocks in a different way.

3 Simple Steps To Grow To
The Next Level…

1. Book Your Free ‘Growth Plan’ Consultation

We know you’re busy – all CEOs worth their salt are. That’s why we deliver ROI from every minute you spend with us, starting with your free 30-minute ‘Growth plan’ consultation.

2. Get Guidance From A Leading CEO

If you choose to continue beyond your free consultation, you’ll receive ongoing guidance from one of the leading business minds in Australia. You’ll discover how to scale faster, take your business’ revenue to $25 million and beyond, and foster a thriving culture of ‘A’ players.

3. Lead Your Company To The Next Level

When you enlist Scale Up Growth Partners, you won’t just take your company to all-time highs for both growth and revenue. You’ll also feel excited by the new challenges ahead, knowing you have the support and guidance to confidently lead your company to the next level.

10X The Value Of Your Investment
Back In 90 Days… Or You Don’t
Owe Us A Cent!

At Scale Up Growth, we’re confident that your ability to lead your team, develop your business and grow profits will radically improve within 90 days of us being onboard. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our coaching or results you have received… and if you don’t feel your initial 90-day investment with us has given you tenfold return… then we’ll provide you a full refund – no questions asked.

There’s no catch, and no hidden surprises. All we ask is that you jump in with both feet and follow our proven framework to its full potential to rapidly grow your business.

Scale Up Growth Partners Have Helped
These CEOs Take Their Business To The
New Heights…


Here’s How Struggling CEOs Broke
Through Their Business Plateaus To
10X Their Profit & Take Home Cash In
Under 3 Years…

Discover the secret framework helping CEOs take back control over their company’s growth and lead their people to new heights.

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