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August 27, 2023

The CEO’s Dashboard: KPIs That Matter

CEO’s KPI Guide: The Pulse of Business Success Dear CEOs and Founders, KPIs are the lifeblood of a business. They’re the signals that show you how []
August 20, 2023

How We Transformed a Business: A Client’s Journey with KPIs and OKRs

Identifying Metrics, Crafting Tactical Actions, and Focusing on What Matters – A Success Story That Proves It Works! Business transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a []
July 26, 2023

Unlock the Power of AI: 5 Things You Need To Know Now

Generative AI is sizzling. In half a year, countless new tools and models have sprung up. But many folks still scratch their heads on how to []
July 8, 2023

Prioritising “one way door” decisions…

How much focus do you put on major strategic “One-Way-Door” decisions? To scale up a company, the CEO needs to balance day-to-day management with major strategic []
May 25, 2023

Does Your Strategy Kick to the Seagulls

 What can we learn from a great sports coach?  One year my local rugby club held a fundraising lunch – the guest of honour was Ray []
September 14, 2021

Using professional athletes’ focus and visualisation techniques to double your company’s revenue and 10X valuation in 3 years or less.

The Vivid Vision™ technique … Who wouldn’t want to double their company’s revenue in three years? Having this as a goal and realising it are two []
August 24, 2021

7s are the performance killers

It’s all in the numbers … What is one of the biggest factors in holding back your company from achieving success, you ask? Just take a []
June 24, 2021

Why 99.6% of businesses fail to reach $10m in revenues

Can you and your team state your strategy simply? Is it driving sustainable growth? What exactly is strategy anyway? “I’m always amazed how overnight successes take []
May 19, 2021

The Most Effective Strategy for Business Growth

Make It Easy! What is the top priority of your business? Generate revenue by making sales? Make the world a better place? Provide a livelihood for []