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Growth & Leadership

Jonathan is incredibly sought after for his knowledge and advice

Jonathan is a world-class presenter, having spoken to over 5,000 people across 3 continents since 2010, and is known for his engaging, entertaining and practical presentations. He will have the room buzzing after your event, as well as being the subject of conversation back in the office.

Jonathan has 35+ years business and leadership experience in Australia and internationally in the capacity of Founder, Managing Director, Business Adviser, Non-Executive Director, Advisory Board Chair, CEO and Senior Executive.

With clients including Insight, Evenergi, My Muscle Chef, Coles, Hipac, Eco Easy Group, Grande Drill & Blast, Aurora Capital and Dome Gold Mines, he has helped many companies and not-for-profits scale their business and accelerate value to their organisation.

Jonathan will work with you to tailor his presentation to your organisation, for maximum benefit to your members or Leadership team or community. Let him deliver your next keynote presentation, workshop, training or webcast.

“Jonathan is a regular guest speaker and panel moderator at our E-Lead events, delivering powerful insights on leadership and purpose. Jonathan shares his inspirational story in highly interactive and insightful workshops where his knowledge and guidance open fresh and valuable perspectives for all participants.

As part of Scale Up Growth monthly Mastermind group, I have experienced first-hand the implementation of Jonathan’s proven framework and disciplines from his years of practical expertise. He is what I would call a master in his field and would recommend Jonathan to entrepreneurial business leaders and their executive teams who want to successfully scale their business and accelerate growth.”
Shahid Majeed
CEO, E-LEAD Global

“We were extremely fortunate to have Jonathan join our Middle East Affordable Housing Summit in Bahrain this fall. His contributions were brilliantly unconventional and thought provoking. These attributes, so rare in a public speaker, are invaluable to producers. We very much look forward to welcoming Jonathan in the future.”
Elizabeth Ricciardelli
Conference Director at IQPC Middle East

“Jonathan is a regular speaker and panel participant in our real estate conferences in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Asia. His inputs to these sessions are always highly intellectual, visionary and thought-provoking – which is no surprise that he is widely and highly respected within the industry.

Jonathan is always extremely professional and a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again in my future business conferences.”
Saudin Dungog-Noddings (
Conferences Manager at Middle East